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Student Resource Websites
A+ Math Developed to help students improve their math skills. Visit our game room and play Matho and Hidden Picture.
BrainPOP A very flashy site for help with physics, , anatomy and more.
Carol Hurst's Childrens Literature Site A collection of reviews of children's books & ideas for using them in the classroom. For teachers to homeschoolers.
The Cave of Chauvet Pon't d'Arc A french site devoted to the study of the Cave of Chauvet Pon't d'Arc, a leading paleontological site.
The CIA's Homepage for Kids Learn about our nation's leading intelligence gathering agency
Discovery Homework help from the Discovery Channel.
Fact An online encyclopedia, atlas, almanac & dictionary.'s Learning Center Offering how-to articles, genealogy classes and other resources that will help you dig deeper into your family's past.
High School Hub A noncommercial learning portal to excellent free educational resources for high school students.
Homework Hotline Help in math, science, history and social studies, language , assignments, lesson plans, available for all grade levels
Internet Mathmatics Library

An annotated catalog of mathematics and mathematics education web sites.

Jack's Place An education site hosted by Kansas University dealing with microbiology and related subjects.
The Kennedy Center's Artsedge Ideas, curriculum, lessons & activities.
KidsClick! Resources for learning in 15 different catagories. A safe Internet gateway for kids, created and maintained by educators.
The Louvre The penultimate art museum in the world. The official website of The Lovre in Paris, France.
National Geographic Homework Help Need to know how what explorers Lewis and Clark packed in their first-aid kit? You’ve come to the right place.
The Nine Planets A detailed site covering the Nine Planets of our solar system.
Notes from the Windowsill A site of children's book reviews
Online Children's Stories Story collections, songs & poetry, myths & fairy tales, classics for young people, & even Dr. Suess.
PBS Programming, Resources, and other information to enhance learning.
PM Zone Popular Mechanics online. An abundance of current science and theories on the horizon.

Rockhounds Information Page

Devoted to the study of rocks & minerals.
The Smithsonian Institution Online Resources from the Smithsonian Institution.
Social Science Research A comprehensive collection of social science data for educators and students.
Students for the Exploration& Development of Space SEDS is an independent, student-based organization which promotes the exploration and development of space.
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) Learning about the Holocaust & reflect upon moral & ethical questions & your responsibilities as democratic citizens.
University of North Dakota's
Volcano World
The Web's Premier Source of Volcano Info.
Urbana Atlas of Pathology A site overviewing the science of Pathology.
The Whitehouse Homepage Visit our nation's capital online.


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